Our History

1972 - 1980

Building built in 1972. First bar was "Penny’s" until 1980.

1980 - 1985

Bar name was changed to "DJ's."

1985 - 1987

Bar name went back to "Penny’s" until 1987.

1987 - 1997

Fred Dassow bought the bar and named it "Fred’s Place." Fred had removed the bait shop and made a kitchen. Serving soups and burgers. Fred is the father of Jay.


1997 - 1999

At this time the name was changed to "The Outback." At this time the beer bar finally had obtained a liquor license.

1999 - 2004

In 1999 the bar became "Panther’s."

2004 - 2005

Named "JJ’s."


The bar officially became the "Hideaway" in 2005. "Hideaway" had opened a week before gun deer season that year in November.

At that time, we renovated the bar top, floors, replaced coolers and modernized the kitchen.

Jay Dassow got a Friday night fish fry going and weekend breakfast along with burgers, sandwiches and pizza.


We built the back enclosed patio. We moved the bar out and added more seating and a second speed rail to help serve customers a lot faster. The tapper system was also moved back to back with the barrels, making it the coldest beer in the area!

We also hired our first a manager in 2014 to help with the daily responsibilities of running the business.

Before >

After >>

After >>>

Patio and Backyard Available for Parties